Lamp Posts and Labyrinths is an online expression of my faith life and spirituality.  It is meant as a place of sharing, not a theological resource.  Lamp Posts refers to Luke 8:16, "No one after lighting a lamp hides it under a jar, or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a lampstand, so that those who enter may see the light." Labyrinths are an ancient prayer form used to signify a journey to the divine. For me personally, lamp posts signify the Election from my Nineteenth Annotation Retreat, the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola in Daily Life.  And I have loved labyrinths throughout my life, they've been a part of my spirituality, particularly my Lenten Spirituality, for many years.  The combination of the two seemed to be the providential symbols of my journey this year.  I hope and pray the light of Christ leads you through our own blessed  journey.  


                                                                                           -- Laura Flores Macom



A little bit about me...

I'm a Catholic woman who is also daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, foodie, podcast and audiobook listener, hockey fan, and lawyer.  I've been active in my home parish for the past twenty years as Bible Study Facilitator, ACTS Women's Director, and RCIA team member, among other activities.  I am currently blessed to be in the Spiritual Direction formation program at St. Peter Upon The Water in Ingram, Texas.  Upon completion of the program, I will be a Spiritual Director at Our Lady of Grace. I hope to enter formation for Ignatian Spiritual Direction in God's time and through His  Will.  


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